Best Practices for Successfully
Replatforming Your CMS


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Many IT and marketing leaders are fearful that a CMS transition will take months (or more), cost a fortune, and require an army of consultants. However, new platforms are making it easier and faster than ever for organizations to move to a solution that better meets their needs. 

During this webinar, we partner with CMSWire to reveal how you can replatform in under 90 days and save your team lots of headaches. We'll cover:

  • The five key things you must do to complete a successful replatforming project
  • New ways companies are expediting the launch of multi-channel sites
  • Real world examples of the do's and don'ts for fast and efficient republishing

With Brightspot, replatforming projects can be completed in as little as three months and won't cost you an arm and a leg. Complete the form on the left to hear more about it!