The Headless &
API-First Revolution:
What You Need to Know
Headless CMS Series Part 2

There's a lot to learn when it comes to headless and API-first technology solutions. Headless is the latest trend in content management, promising greater flexibility and personalization for your digital experiences. But it also requires significant development resources and technical savvy.

How do you know what style of architecture is right for your business? 

Check out the latest in our headless webinar series, where our technology and product experts will discuss:
  • What API-first means and how it relates to headless
  • The spectrum of API-first options 
  • How content models can be deployed to aid publishing speeds
  • Ramifications on security 
  • How APIs can create different products such as apps, OTT, and more
  • How Brightspot handles headless through our API-first approach

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