How Special Olympics Raises Awareness, Funds and Spirits with Brightspot

For more than a decade, Brightspot has helped Special Olympics to achieve its digital goals while staying true to its core mission of providing opportunity for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Recently, Special Olympics went through a rebranding of their Spread the Word initiative to focus on spreading the idea of inclusion and increasing fundraising efforts for the movement.

We invited Crystal Hudson, Director of Digital Fundraising & Strategy at Special Olympics, to discuss her experience in improving the online presence for this movement, and increasing digital pledging and resources for those looking to get involved.

In this on-demand webinar you'll learn:

  • How to rapidly evaluate, transition and gain acceptance for a new content platform

  • Key tips on re-branding a site for better results - through a special look at Special Olympics’ Spread the Word initiative

  • How the right Content Business Platform and partner can help an organization communicate their message more effectively and expand brand storytelling



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Crystal Hudson

Crystal Hudson

Director of Digital Fundraising & Strategy


Parker Ramsdell

Parker Ramsdell

VP of People, Mission & Culture