Roundtable Discussion: How 2020 Has Evolved Intranet Expectations

“The corporate intranet used to be a place where the code of conduct and other company rules, guidelines, and documentation slumbered until an issue arose,” according to CMSWire. IT teams have largely controlled intranet experiences to align with company goals, however they may not deliver the functionality needed by employees outside of IT.

In today’s global economy — even before the COVID-19 crisis — with increasing numbers of employees working outside of the corporate walls, companies have struggled to find the right way to reach everyone with highly important communications and help streamline their work processes.

We’ve brought together a panel of experts to discuss and break down our recent research on the ROI companies are seeing from their intranet and what defines the most successful intranets.

In this on-demand webinar the panelists discuss:

  • How are companies thinking about intranet ROI today and should that be the right approach?

  • Areas IT can collaborate with HR and people managers to create a more engaging intranet experience

  • Pre & Post COVID-19 - How has the crisis changed intranet requirements?



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Featured Speakers

Gina Marchini

Gina Marchini

Internal Communications Manager



Parker Ramsdell

VP of People, Mission & Culture



Roy Ben-Yoseph

SVP, Product and Corporate Practice